Bowlingball Reaktiv Motiv Paranoia

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    World Wide Release Date: 2. März 2016   Sie erwerben das neue... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bowlingball Reaktiv Motiv Paranoia"



World Wide Release Date: 2. März 2016


Sie erwerben das neue Top Produkt der Firma Tech Line Products.


Originalbeschreibung des Herstellers:


Keep the competition looking over their shoulders with the Motiv Paranoia.


The Paranoia brings all new technology to the Motiv line. The new Agitator Pearl reactive coverstock adds extra length
and angle on medium oil to the arsenal. Finished at 5500 LSP (Laser Scan Polish), this ball has no trouble getting down the lane.


Pair that with the new Oblivion symmetric core, with it's dual density, and you've got controlled angularity on the backend.
This cover core combination blends the wet/dry while still providing angularity. It's really quite something!


Make 'em sweat with the Motiv Paranoia!


The Purple Paranoia will compliment many balls in the MOTIV product line.

The Purple Pearl Paranoia will provide more total hook than the Venom Shock and Octane Burn while still providing
more angle at the backend.

It will also give more length and angle than both the Forza and Forza Redline without sacrificing hook.

This special piece is also an amazing one-two punch with the Primal Rage. It provides similar angle with slightly less hook.

People should be nervous when you pull this ball out of your bag.  


Featuring a brand new core and cover system, the Paranoia™ is the next step in MOTIV® evolution.
It provides a strong and consistent motion down lane with insane angle and unbelievable continuation through the pins.










Der Ball ist hervorragend geeignet für medium Bahnverhältnisse. 




Der Ball ist natürlich neu und ungebohrt.


Hier einige technische Daten zu dem Ball.

Schale :  Agitator Pearl Reactive
Kern :     Oblivion Core
Factory Finish : 5500 Grit LSP (Laser Scan Polished)
Flare Potenzial : 5" + (Medium-High)
RG : 2.532
RG Diff : 0.047
Farbe : Purple Pearl

Length:   16
Hook:      51
Backend: 17,5





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