Bowlingball STORM Rocket Ship

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  Neueste Entwicklung von Storm aus der Thunder Line. Juni 2016.   Hier... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bowlingball STORM Rocket Ship"


Neueste Entwicklung von Storm aus der Thunder Line.

Juni 2016.


Hier die Original-Ballbeschreibung:


Technology Driven:


With nearly 25 years of experience manufacturing high performance balls, Storm is The Bowler’s Company™. In fact, no company today has been making reactive

bowling balls longer than Storm. And throughout the years, we have learned a lot. We know what you are looking for since we are bowlers, too, just like you. But know

that we are continuously striving to develop new products which will help you roll more strikes and have more fun!


The new Rocket Ship™ is encased with R2S™ Solid Reactive material but is a unique ball with a surface prep that is the first of its kind: 3000-grit Sheen. It undergoes the

same process as a 1500-grit polished ball, but we added a final step by quickly and lightly hitting it with a 3000-grit Abralon® pad, the industry standard. This smooths

out the surface topography of the ball by lightly breaking up the polish that was applied creating a sanded profile with a smooth sheen appearance. Always with the

bowler in mind, we developed this process to ensure an even, controllable, forgiving reaction for whomever rolls it.


The Booster™ Core was the perfect option for this new method of surface development due to its mid-range RG and moderate differential values. It will provide a long,

smoother option if the Sky Rocket™ were to be too angular. No one does a better job than Storm at filling in the gaps. That is our commitment to our bowlers, and that is

why we are The Bowler’s Company™.




Die sehr erfolgreiche Schale R2S in der Solid-Version, bekannt von den Hy-Roads, gibt in Kombination mit dem neuen Booster-Kern

einen sehr guten Allround-Ball für mittelölige Bahnverhältnisse.

Da die Solid-Schale normalerweise sehr früh anläuft, wurde sie auf 3000 Grit hochgeschliffen. Dadurch erreichte man eine neue Ballreaktion,

durchaus lang, runder und kontrollierbarer als dies im sehr winkligen Lauf des Sky-Rockets der Fall ist..


Der Rocket Ship ist eine sehr sinnvolle Ergänzung in der Rocket Serie.


Er ist natürlich neu und ungebohrt.


Hier einige technische Daten zu dem Ball.

Schale :R2S™ Solid Reactive
Factory Finish: 3000 Grit Sheen
Kern: Booster™ Core

Light Weight Block: Modified Centripetal™ Core
Härte: 73-75 (Skala: 60-90)
Flare Potential : 4"-5" (medium)
RG : 2.54 (medium)
RG Diff: 0.046
Color: 2-tone Purple
Fragrance: Butter Pecan



Ball Nutzung: Profispieler
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