Bowlingball Roto Grip Dare Devil Trick

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WWRD 22.03.2017. Sie erwerben einen High Performance Reaktivball aus der HP3-Line... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bowlingball Roto Grip Dare Devil Trick"

WWRD 22.03.2017.

Sie erwerben einen High Performance Reaktivball aus der HP3-Line von  Roto Grip.

Hier die Originalbeschreibung des Herstellers.




Because following the norm is just boring...





The now famous Madcap™ Core is slowly taking over the world. It gets rolling in the midlane and continues like

no other symmetrical shape Roto Grip has ever offered. There is no doubt this core will be around for a very

long time!



Since we rolled out the pearl cover the first go round and with the current lineup of balls in the HP3™ line, a

solid reactive coverstock was the perfect addition at this time. So we went to the lab and mixed up the brand new

Reckless™ Solid coverstock in order to create more traction and responsiveness to friction.



Bottom line for those looking for a new benchmark ball, look no further. This ball is ideal for those Medium-

Heavy to Heavy oil conditions. And don't worry this cover can easily be adjusted to conquer those lighter

conditions as well.



Er ist natürlich neu und ungebohrt.


Hier einige technische Daten zu dem Ball.

Schale: Reckless Solid Reactive
Factory Finish: 2000 Grit Pad
Kern:    Madcap™ Core
Härte: 73-75 (Skala: 60-90)
Flare Potential : 5+ (medium-high)
RG : 2.48
RG Diff: 0.041
PSA Differential: ----
Color: Black / Teal / Red





Ball Nutzung: Profispieler
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